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Image by Andrés Alagón

There's plenty of options.

There are a wide variety of restaurants in Playa Blanca. Whether you fancy an all-you-can-eat Chinese, delicious Italian food or typical Canarian food - we've got you covered.

 Eating out 

Image by Annie Spratt


Image by Jorge Zapata


Image by Alexandre Chambon


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Image by Kyle Head


Dish of Tapas


Image by Danielle MacInnes


Food Truck


Image by Ferran Feixas

North Lanzarote

If you find any restaurants that should be on our list, let us know on Facebook!

Eating out in Lanzarote is different to in the UK. The Spanish take longer to eat their meals and also eat later. So chances are, if you're in a restaurant before 8pm, there won't be many Canarians about.

We've tried to mention as many restaurants as possible but there are so many we can't possibly mention all of them.

Don't forget, often a waiter will bring over bread to your table. It's worth checking if you will be charged for it before eating it.

Tipping is also part of the culture here, it's normal to leave a tip of 10% - 15% (often more for larger groups)

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