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Glasses of Water

drinking water


All water in Lanzarote is desalinated before entering the water system. It is up to European standards, however, due to the chemicals used, it sometimes doesn't taste the best.

Thankfully, the majority of our villas have filters fitted- if not, we recommend buying bottled water from the local supermarkets.

That said, some people prefer to use bottled water to brush their teeth, but it is personal preference. 

Drinking water:

We do not recommend that you drink the tap water, we recommend that
people drink bottled water, if you would like big bottles delivered to you then
please let us know. It is recommended that you use bottle water to wash food
items with as well.




If you find that you do not have water, please check the electricity trips are all
in the up position. Please note that when the boiler is empty it will take 1 -2 hours to refill and reheat.
Please be aware that the water can be turned off at any point during your
holiday by the local water company if this does happen please bear with us, as
this is beyond our control, the villa does have an aljibe which does hold a
substantial amount of water, so if you are careful with water you should have
enough to last you.

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