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Here you can find the current weather for Playa Blanca but also the weather throughout the year.

Annual Weather Averages

Spanish Phrases

While most people speak English, it is useful to know some Spanish phrases

Hola -

Buenos Días -

Buenas Tardes -

Buenas Noches -

Bienvenidos - 

Hasta Luego - 

Por Favor -

Una cerveza por favor - 

Quisiera dos bolsas -

Dónde está - 

¿Hablas inglés? -

¿Cómo estás? -

Me llamo - 

No entiendo - 

Yo quiero - 

¿Dónde está el baño? - 

¿Cuánto cuesta? -

¿Puedo tomar la cuenta?


Good Day

Good Afternoon

Good Night


See you later


1 Beer please

I would like 2 bags

Where is ___?

Do you speak English?

How are you?

I am called ___

I don't understand

I want

Where is the toilet?

How much does it cost?

Can I have the bill?

Useful Phone Numbers

Emergency Services -

Hospital Insular de Lanzarote -

Red Cross -

Villas Now Office - 

Local taxis - 


0034 928 810 500

0034 928 596 100

+44 115 714 8288


0034 928 524 222

Live Flight Information

Below is a link to the flight information from Lanzarote-César Manrique Airport (ACE)


Named after César Manrique who was a Spanish artist, sculptor, architect and activist from Lanzarote.

(The airport is sometimes known as Arrecife Airport)


Lanzarote is actually closer to Morocco and the Western Sahara than it is to Gran Canaria!

Despite a population of 148,000 - Lanzarote receives over 3M tourists a year

Episodes of Dr Who have been filmed in Lanzarote

The volcanic eruptions of the 16th century helped to form the island as we know it today

Playa Blanca literally means 'white beach' referring to the beach in the centre of Playa Blanca

Some white sand beaches have actually been shipped over from the Sahara as the sand is black as a result of the volcanic eruptions

One of the island's lagoons is actually home to a unique species of blind albino crab

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