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Image by Thibault Mokuenko

There's still options!

Thankfully things in Lanzarote aren't that expensive.

For the latest ticket prices, we recommend looking at the attraction's website.


Jameos del Agua

Unique volcanic tunnel & caverns featuring an underground concert hall, restaurant & salt lake. Home to a unique species of Albino Crab - converted into a tourist attraction in the 70's by none other than César Manrique.

Adult: €9.50 (20% off after 3pm)
Children (7 – 12): €4.75 euros (20% off after 3pm)


Cueva de los Verdes

Another attraction in the North of the island. Cueva de los Verdes is a colourful volcanic passage that doubles up as a concert hall.

Literally translated as 'Green Cave' possibly referring to the variety of colours found inside.


Jardín de Cactus

Translated as 'Garden of the Cactus' It is a Cactus garden with over 1000 species in a terraced former quarry, with a cafe & restored windmill. If you are interested in visiting other attractions on the island- don't forget to ask about the multi ticket.


César Manrique Foundation

This museum is the former home of César Manrique.

Famed for his artwork that can be found throughout the island.

He had a vision to transform the landscape. He is the reason buildings in Lanzarote are white and low level.



In the early 1970s actor Omar Sharif came to Lanzarote to film “The Mysterious Island”, he visited LagOmar, fell in love with it and bought it.

Visit this exquisite Canarian property and explore its beautiful grounds.

Prices are €6 for adults and €2 for children

(€4 for Adult Lanzarote residents and €2 for resident children)

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