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Leaving Lanzarote

So it's time to leave :(

Remember to take everything from your villa. Check all drawers and places you may have left any personal items.

Remember to leave your villa keys in the pre-agreed location. 


If there are any issues, you must tell us before you leave the island.


Travelling to the airport

International flights depart from Terminal 1

Inter-island flights depart from Terminal 2

Plan to arrive at the airport 2.5-3hrs in advance, especially if you are travelling with hold luggage.

Remember to leave in plenty of time. Allow plenty of time. (approximately 1hr if you are driving to allow for the return of your hire car.

Follow signs for 'salidas' this is the departures car park.

Take a ticket from machine and leave it with the keys in the car, most people leave the keys under the drivers seat.

Checking in

Follow the signs for 'salidas' and 'mostrador de facturación'


The wait for security is dependent on the number of flights departing. Times can range from 45 minutes to no wait at all. You are also required to have a boarding pass to enter security. An agent will scan your pass before entering. Make sure you have a paper copy or have an e-pass in your phone wallet. They will refuse to scan barcodes from emails. Most airlines will charge you if you need to print a boarding pass.

Once through security

Lanzarote has 12 gates, there are a range of facilities available.

You can find many restaurants and bars. As of 2020, there is an Upper Crust (Sandwich store) and a Burger King by Gate 1. There is also a large duty free and other pubs and restaurants. Near Gates 6 and 7 you can find an Aloe Vera store and a clothing store.

Travelling With Children

There are many baby facilities once airside at the Airport. Not to mention a small play park in the middle of the terminal.

If you have any questions about any of this, please contact us.

We want to take the opportunity to thank you for booking with us. We hope you had a great stay and have a safe trip home.


We can't wait to have you back.



The Team at Villas Now

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