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Image by Jarosław Kwoczała


The weather in Lanzarote is much different to the weather you are used to in the UK or Ireland.

Even when it is cloudy in Lanzarote (it's rare) - the UV levels are still extremely high. It is worth wearing a strong sun cream, especially if you are swimming in the sea or going to the beach.

Especially in the summer months, we can experience a 'calima.' This is when hot air and dust comes over from the Sahara desert. Some calimas last a couple hours, some days. Temperatures can rise to well over 40 degrees!



It happens to the best of us. Our advice is to avoid the midday sun if you are not used to it. Also wear a High SPF sun cream with UV protection. You will still get that holiday tan!

If you do get burnt, avoid the sun. We recommend a good aftersun. You can buy these in the Spar.


Also ensure you are taking on enough liquid during the day. 

If you have any concerns regarding any sun related injuries, either visit a pharmacy (Farmacia) or the Playa Blanca Health Centre (Centro de Salud)

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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